Sunday, February 11, 2007

My computer is fixed.

My computer is my primary source of communication and entertainment. Without this computer, I might as well be reading a book.

This is my first blog post since I brought my computer back home yesterday. When the thing first broke, I thought that I might have to buy a new PC. I had been wanting to upgrade anyway, so I thought I would wait until I got paid again. However, I get paid every two weeks, and my last check covered my very first mortgage payment.

During the two weeks I shopped around, looking at computer ads printed on the piece of dead tree that is delivered to my door step everyday. I called the computer shop to see how much a new PC would cost.

Two days before payday, I figured correctly that there would be at least a two day wait before the computer shop would get a chance to even look at it. So I took it in. It was three days before they looked at it. And it turned out to be only a bad power supply. It only costed $90 to fix. I could have had it fixed all along.
Two weeks I spent fretting that all the files on this computer were gone forever. I'm going to start backing up the important stuff. I'll do it tommotow.

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  1. One way to go (and although I worked with REAL systems back in the 70s, and am a self-proclaimed neophyte today) is to get a FLASH DRIVE...

    Just plug it in to the USB port, and it acts like another disk drive....and you can load plenty on them...cost about $30 for a 1Gb model.

    That's what I am planning to do with my "dog" system which is slower than molasses in January!

    Makes it easier to swap data from one 'puter to the other.

    just a thought for the interim.