Thursday, February 15, 2007


I did make to work on time during the blizzard. All I had to do was dig my car out and leave ten minutes early. The fact that the rest of you pansies stayed home and out of my way also helped. And I did it while driving this car.
It's a 1995 Suzuki Swift, which is a rebranded version of the Geo Metro. The best thing about this car is that it's easy to push when it gets stuck. The bad part is ground clearance. While I was at work, it snowed even more. I was fine getting home until I got to the side street that I lived on. The snow reached to the front bumper, so I stuck the car in first gear and revved it. I only had one block to go, but by the time I got home the car was overheating and steam was coming out from under the hood.
My car got plowed in again, and I broke my cheap plastic snow shovel trying to dig it out. Some neighbors were willing to dig out my car for ten bucks, so I took them up on the offer. I certainly couldn't buy a new snow shovel until I could move my car.

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  1. I thought that car looked familiar....Geo Metro indeed!

    I still swear by my 24 year old Firebird (purchased new in '83)....RWD, V6 and only got stuck in snow ONCE (in my driveway of all places- back in Philly)!

    As long as you have a full tank of gas and some "ballast" in the hatch area, and a FOGHAT tape in the deck...plenty of cajones to nudge you through the!