Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dumbest Generation?

I really think that this is unfair. Every generation has new information that they need to know that the previous generation could not have known about. Human brains do not get bigger with each generation, so some information must be lost in order to make room for the information gained. Grandpa knew how to tune a carburetor, but he never learned how to install a CD-ROM drive. Today, every new PC has a CD or DVD-ROM drive, but no new car has a carburetor. So I will never bother to learn how to tune that car part from the past, but I do know how upgrade my computer.

Mark Bauerlein notes that though young people enjoy access to a wide wealth of information via the Internet, we still don't know important facts about history. He laments that many young people do not know that the US and USSR were allies during World War II. But Albert Einstein once said "Never memorize what you can look up in books." In his day, obtaining information often required a trip to the library. Today, all I have to look it up online. The only information I really need to remember is whatever is relevant to my day to day life.

Friday, July 18, 2008

No Starbucks closures in Fort Wayne

No Starbucks shops are closing in Fort Wayne. Here's the list.

Some people are gloating over the closures around the country. Personally, I have nothing against Starbucks. But there were a couple things I wondered about that company:

Q.How they could make money by opening new stores in close proximity to existing Starbuck stores?
A.They weren't making money.

Q.How do they get away with charging $3 for coffee?
A.Because people will pay it. When I buy coffee at a coffee shop, I'm paying for service, atmosphere, and a place to sit down. Having said that, I still don't know why people buy Starbucks coffee at the drive-thru.

Q. Why do people bitch about paying $4 for a gallon of gas but not $3 for a cup of coffee?
A. Gas is a commodity. You can get regular, premium, and super. You pick your octane level and that is what you buy week to week. A price increase can dent your budget. Coffee is a luxury item. People expect to be overcharged.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Email that I received

I am reposting this email that I received. I did remove the sender's name and phone number to protect the privacy of his family. I also had to take out a couple carrots that interfered with my html. Other than that it is unedited. My purpose in this repost is to inform and entertain.

Iam Writing about child support issue , I believe that the constitution states very clearly that you can not just step into a man family , that is the state goverment ,and tell him how to run his house hold ,
This country was found because of the lack of FREEEDOM in England ,and also that a ,man could own his house ,and land , and not be oppressed by the lower courts by taking his home ,and then take his children ,and then turn around and take his job ,and income ,and then oppress him more by illegaly shoving support down his throat.
I believe the parent that files for divorce is mentally unstable , to create such a atmosphere in a family of young children is not stable for this country , and I believe this is all being done ,and calcuated to destroy the family ,which is the foundation of this country ,.
I have a prosecutor that thinks he can prosecute alone on hearsay ,and false allegations ,and this has to stop , the constitution is what protects us from this communist mentallity , which we are under in the US< by these lower court judges ,and prosecutors ,it is TREASON ,that is happening right now by these lower court judges ,and prosecutors
What I have to ask is when did the state think they had a right to interfere with the up bringing of my children or any house hold , ,and then think they could just take my home also , this is not America , the Republic which was to protect the minority from the majority , not attack the family like this goverment is ,
They have committed acts of war against me , now by taking my home ,my income ,my CHILDREN , and now has filed false charges on hearsay ,alone, this is a mockery of the constitution by these lower courts , and Iam standing by the constitution , my rights as a citizen of Indiana,
Again we have treason by the lower courts in America , and acts of war also against the families of america by these prosecutors , they dont beleive in following even Indiana codes ,they think their above the law ,
when the checks ,and balances are dismised then we have a goverment out of control ,and we are their, Iam telling this state lower courts need to be cleansed , and until then all cases must be reexamined ,and no prosecution of any family by these lower courts prosecutors ,and judges ,
I have criminal acts by these lower courts now ,and should be examined immediately , Steve Carter is well aware of all this illegal action by Matthew rentschler of whitley county Indiana ,and Judge Rush ,and Huer ,
they think their above the law , and when this happens we are no longer a free nation ,and which will lead to revolutionary war because of this treason by the lower courts ,
Look it up indiana code 34-26-5-9, 34-26-5-10 it requires a hearing befor e,and after by 30 days none was given me ,and I would have beat it like I did one already it is a weapon for a spouse to use against the other spouse ,and that is not legal ,and not fair to the chldren , RIGHT PROTECT AND SERVE , and the prosecutor refused ,and the judge refused a hearing on , so we have no checks ,and balances any mor e, when they do this illegal act ,
My daughters have even given the judge huer a copy of a paper they made up stateing they wanted to be with me ,and the state thinks they can , over ride a mans family , like this ,this is a act of war ,and treason against the American people ,and the foundation of the family ,
Now they have a bench warrant out because I refused to show up to a iillegal sentenceing , because of the mentallity of this prosector it is dangerous to this country ,and to my family , all a lack of due process , all the way thru ,
NAME REMOVED, PHONE NUMBER REMOVED, I will stand on my rights to have a family ,and not be interferr with thier up bringing ,and will die for my rights to have my family , !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!, this goverment is always complaining about how the fathers dont stay with their families ,and here we have the prosecutor ,and judges trying to keep him from his rights ,!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!
thanks NAME REMOVED the sons of anarchy