Thursday, July 06, 2017

In defense of CNN

A guy going by the handle "Han Asshole Solo" posted a meme showing Trump punching a guy with the CNN logo for a face. Trump liked the meme so much that he tweeted it.

Now you would think that if the president liked your meme, you would want to take credit for it. However, HanAssholeSolo had a history of posting racist content, even to the point of calling for all Muslims to be wiped out.

HanAssholeSolo is an asshole. That's what it says on the tin. Being an asshole has consequences. The guy left so many clues about his identity on his Reddit feed that CNN was able to find his Facebook profile. HAHS was lucky that CNN found out who he was first. CNN gave him the chance to apologize and denounce racism. Somebody else could have easily found out who HAHS was and revealed his identity to the 1.6 billion Muslims who he said should be murdered, the 39 million black Americans who he referred by various forms of the n-word, and whoever it is who provides HAHS with an income or an internet connection.

CNN gave him the chance to redeem himself. If HAHS resumes his ways, CNN can still expose him. If you are in the habit of being an "anonymous" internet racist, consider this a teachable moment.