Monday, March 26, 2007

Busy weekend.

Saturday I went to see a foriegn film with a date. The only thing I have to say is that bodysprays work as advertised. They add a +10 to your charisma rolls, thereby counteracting any negative effects of using esoteric Dungeons & Dragons references.

On Sunday I worked 12 hours. All that sitting on my ass makes me tired.

Save the Firehouse Theater!

What follows is an email I got from Jeannette. She can't afford to keep the Firehouse Theater open by herself anymore and needs help.

Save the Firehouse Brainstorming Session
Monday, March 26, 2007, 7

A "Save the Firehouse Theater" brainstorming session will be
Monday, March 26, at 7 pm, at the Firehouse Theater, 1245 E. State. This is
a fundraiser.

If things don't change, the Firehouse will
close May
12. Detailed expenses and possibilities are at .

If we get two or more
independent troupes to put on shows along with my shows, all sharing the
expenses, the Firehouse will survive.

If three
are being done per week, each show need only sell 40 $5
seats to pay
their expenses; there are 33 more seats to sell for
profit. If more shows
per week are being done, it divides the expenses
even smaller. Donations
and other income reduce expenses still

The Firehouse needs
volunteers to help with costumes,
sets, crew work, clean-up, organizing and
publicity. Please

Please come to this Monday's
meeting at 7pm.
I'll feed you refreshments, give a tour and lay it all out

The Firehouse is the only theater in town offering
actors the freedom to create their own shows. It is a free speech platform
should not be let to die.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Future of Death Notification

While Rumsfeld has been criticised for using a autopen on death notices to families, mass casualties in future conflicts may require a more efficient process:
Dear Sir/Madam/(other)Starfleet Command regrets to inform you that your (check one)
_evil goateed version from mirror universe
_transporter duplicate
has been tragically (check one)
_turned into little white cube and crushed.
_sucked into space through airlock.
_sucked into space through hull breach.
_sucked into space through shuttle bay doors.
_beamed into space.
_beamed into solid object.
_burned up in re-entry.
_burned up in a star's corona.
_hacked to bits by deranged crewmate.
_de-evolved into some kind of fish, then suffocated from lack of water.
_turned up missing somewhere in this big damn universe.
_issued a red shirt, so we're sending this in advance, just in case.
_part of the few whose needs were outweighed by the needs of the many.
_gloriously entered the gates of Sto' vo' Kor.
In the past, this notice would have been accompanied by a large check. But since there is no money anymore in our progressive utopian Federation, enjoy this cheesy little glass thing that has a dinky hologram of your loved one.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Public "Axis" on March 15th.

I will be appearing on "Libertarians at Large" at 7pm on Thursday, March 15th on Public Access (Comcast Channel 57).

I hope you all tune in. Its going to make me late for my "Axis and Allies" match.

Monday, March 12, 2007

One disadvantage that younger politicians face

The hardest drug that I have ever taken in college was hydrocodone, which is generic Vicoden. I had gotten a hold of a bottle back in 2002. I threw up the first time I took it. I took it a couple more times, and I realized that I just did not like being under the influence of the stuff. I flushed the rest down the toilet.

I should also mention that the dentist had prescribed it to me prior to pulling out my wisdom teeth. I was supposed to take one prior to the surgery, then continue taking it to control the pain while my gums healed. The stuff made me disoriented and nauseated, and I vomited right in the dentist chair. The dentist rescheduled my appointment. On the second attempt I did not feel as queasy, so my teeth were pulled without incident. He did have to saw through part of the jawbone to get one of the teeth out. Even while I was sedated I could still hear the little electric saw, and I could feel each of the teeth being yanked out, one by one. Later that night, I took another pill. I stopped taking them after that because I wanted to go back to work. So I took ibuprofen daily until my jaw felt better. I flushed the remainder of the prescription so that nobody would find them while looking through the trash.

So there. I have never taken drugs illegally. I think that this could place me at a slight disadvantage in a political campaign if I had an opponent who publicly admitted to smoking pot. Many voters who have previously used will think that I am lying because "everybody does it." Sorry kids, but I guess I just wasn't as cool as Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were when they attended college.

There has to be a political advantage nowadays to claiming prior drug use. Politician will lie about everything else to get ahead, why not lie about this. I think that admitting to using pot (or even falsely claiming to have smoked the stuff even though you never got invited to those kinds of parties) establishes a base line of credibility. "If he is honest about this, he must be honest about everything else."

But here is what really prevents most members of Generation Y from running for office. A baby boomer can confess to college hi jinks because they happened 20 years ago. But someone fresh out of college still has to wait for the statute of limitations to expire. So they can't admit to doing something illegal in order to prove how honest they are. The only crimes that would legally safe to talk about would be those that were committed during middle school. Would you vote for some 25 year old who says that he huffed airplane glue in the 6th grade?

A baby boomer politician's best advantage is not his experience, but the fact that he has had sufficient time to put a distance between himself and any youthful indiscretions. Meanwhile, while I'm glad that I haven't been indiscreet, I may wish that I had been when I'm 40 and running for office.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

New Blog for Fort Wayne area Libertarians

We all have real jobs and lives so none of us can really generate enough content on a regular basis for a Libertarian blog. So we're getting together to make what hopefully will be a well written and widely read blog. Here it is: