Friday, June 29, 2007

What Patrick Knight could have said

Daniel Knight got lethally injected by the State of Texas earlier this week. He wanted to tell a joke as his last words, but changed his mind. I do wonder just how much thought these convicts put into what they are going to say. Knight apparently didn't want to put any thought at all because he asked people to send in submissions. He could have said "I'm the only Texan with a lower approval rating than the president."

While we're on this topic, I wonder how long it will be before a company buys the rights to the last words of a death row inmate. "Bubba 'The Gormet' Meyerowski was put to death by the State of Indiana by lethal injection this morning. His last words were 'Sweet and Smoky BBQ Sauce: The Sauce that goes with anything! It's the taste to die for!' He was pronounced dead at 7:26pm, Google Standard Time."

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Cost Analysis

According to this CNN/Heath video that they were showing in my doctor's waiting room, a person can save an average of $176 a year if they are at the correct weight. However, a gym membership costs $240 a year. So, often it's cheaper to just be fat.

Friday, June 01, 2007

BSN: History fans disappointed by "World War: Episode I"

History fans and purists are critical of "World War: Episode I", the long awaited prequel to "WW2".
"Most of the battlefield deaths were due to disease and not enemy action," complained one man dressed as Woodrow Wilson. "What kind of war is that? Trench warfare isn't as exciting as blitzkrieg. There weren't any nuclear explosions either. I can't believe I wasted money on those tickets and this stupid costume."
Many history fans were disappointed that air power did not play as an important role. Others complained that the politics leading up to the war were "boring and difficult to understand".
Critics are however divided on the Bolshevik Revolution side story. Some insist that it distracts from the main plot, other say that its the only thing that makes "Episode I" worth studying.
The conflict does have its defenders, however. "It's neat to learn about what happened before 'WW2', said Marvin Yates, a self proclaimed "World War nut" who had his car modified to look like a T-34. "I really enjoyed learning how heroes like Eisenhower rose to glory and what Petain was like before he turned to the dark side."
Added one fan dressed like a Stormtrooper, "I realize this was a unpopular conflict, but I'm sure that this doesn't mean the end of the franchise."