Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Robert Enders for State Representative

I’m Robert Enders, and I’m the Libertarian candidate for Indiana State House, 80th District.

There needs to be a serious dialogue about the future of Indiana. There has been a tendency among politicians to support issues simply because their own party supports those issues, and to oppose issues for the same reason. “Winning” and “losing” have taken precedence over what is actually good for the state. Most Republican state representatives are supporting Gov. Daniels’ plan to sell the Indiana Toll Road for much less than it is worth.

Representatives have been promoting pet projects for their own districts. Everyone wants a bigger piece of the pork pie. Yet the net costs of that pie outweigh the net benefits. Many Democrats have supported the wasteful “Build Indiana Fund” that sent money, not where it was needed, but toward whomever had the most political pull.

Large out-of-state corporations solicit special tax breaks and subsidies from the state and local governments by promising to create more jobs. But these handouts mean a higher tax burden on existing Indiana businesses of all sizes and Hoosier taxpayers of all income levels.

Indiana can show a commitment to the companies that have been here for years by cutting taxes and wasteful spending, instead of throwing money at corporations that are not serious about staying. This way, we can spur the growth of existing businesses and encourage new companies to be founded as well.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

BSN Update: Senator Denounces Port Security Being Handled By US Companies

Earlier today, Senator Hillary Clinton blasted President Bush for allowing sites deemed likely targets for terrorism to be guarded by security outfits based in the United States, a country noted for sponsoring terror groups like the Contras and the IRA. "How can we feel safe at night when those who are guarding nuclear reactors and screening our luggage come from the same country that two of the Oklahoma City bomber were from? Why aren't Chinese companies allowed to place bids on these contracts?"

Friday, February 17, 2006

One issue in which Libertarians have a different stance than the NRA

Recently the National Rifle Association has been lobbying for states to pass laws forcing private companys to allow firearms on their property. They feel that a gunowner should at least be allowed by his employer to keep a gun in a locked compartment in his own vehicle.

Constitutional rights apply to the relationship between the individual and the government, not between labor and management. When a guy exercises his First Amendment right to call his boss a jackass to his face, he usually gets fired for it. Likewise, the right of private business to restrict workers, venders, and customers from bringing guns onto the property should be upheld.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

My email is screwed up

Several friends have complained that I have not respond to emails. The problem could be with Yahoo. Also, I have set my inbox to automatically delete any emails that contain the following:
1. "rawlex"-Somebody keeps trying to sell me name brand watches with the name misspelled. Maybe I should try to sell them swampland in Flouridda.
2. "Nigeria"-Honestly, does any one ever fall for this? Here's a hint: Never get involved in a money laundering scheme with someone who has contacted you from out of the blue via email.
3. "U.S. bank account"-See above. Blocking this has gotten rid of a lot of spam as well.
4. "URGENT" Its always in caps. If it's urgent, call me on the phone.
5. "Confidential" If it's confidential, tell me in person.

Now is Marie going to say that I am censoring the Nigerian Foriegn Minister whenever he tries to contact me?

Thursday, February 09, 2006

BSN: German Anti-Defamation League Denounces Almost Every WWII Movie Ever Made

Jerry Kraut, president of the German Anti-Defamation League, made a statement earlier today decrying the way Germans are portrayed in World War II movies. "We are deeply troubled and offended by what has been coming out of Hollywood over the past 65 years. Why can't there be positive German characters in these films? Instead, Germans are portrayed as racist and aggressive, while wearing comical "coal scuttle" helmets and field grey uniforms. There is clearly a Zionist conspiracy to make us all look anti-Semitic."

The German Anti-Defamation League was founding in Buenos Aires in 1946 to combat negative German stereotypes.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Mohammad Cartoons

I saw the infamous cartoons. I thought they were funny, but then again I'm an infidel. On January 4th, the syndicated comic strip Bizarro published a cartoon that made light of my religious beliefs. (actually, my lack thereof)

Here's a tip, kids. If someone publishes a cartoon that you feel unfairly stereotypes people of your religious and cultural background as violent, calling for the beheading of the cartoonist only serves to reinforce those unfair stereotypes.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Go Seahawks!

I'm rooting for the Seahawks today because Paul Allen owns them and I'm hoping that a Seattle victory will somehow help the share price of my Microsoft stock. This is their first Super Bowl apperance. I suspect that in previous seasons Paul Allen let Bill Gates call plays from the booth:
HASSELBACK: Ok, its third and inches, but those rich idiots want me to do a "Hail Mary". They said if I make it they'll buy us all Porches.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Here is what I can say now that I have graduated....

Recently, a few IPFW students and faculty went down to Indy to lobby for more funding of the distinguished Fort Wayne campus. I would have to ask what the funding was for before I could say whether or not I supported an increase.

The real problem with college is its cost. Tuition costs increase faster than inflation. Why? Because they know whatever they charge, a student will pay. And IPFW's fees keep going up. They had $3 million to spend on a pedestrian bridge. They could have used that money to lower tuition costs. It would have been cheaper to teach college students to look both ways before crossing the street. But they know that aspiring doctors, lawyers, and whatever profession a liberal arts major hopes for (liberal artist?) will pay increased tuition fees year after year. The strain is especially hard on adults working their way through college. They go part time, and they can't always get a loan or a grant. Now that IPFW has dorms (like the lights at Wrigley Field, a stake through the heart of tradition, but its still probably for the best) have they forgotten about the returning adults?

So this is what I propose. All returning adults band together in an organization, perhaps it could be called an academic union. This AU would petition IPFW to not raise its tuition. If IPFW fails to comply, all members of the AU would not enroll the next semester. The Academic Union would have a tuition strike.

Now, I'd advise against seniors and full time students attempting this. They have too much to lose if IPFW decides to retailiate. But the returning adults can strike a heavy blow for the rights and interests of all students. And it does not have to stop with just tuition. Unfair practices, like universities refusing students the opprotunity to test out of what they learned in high school, can be rectified. Students of the World, (or maybe just Fort Wayne for now) unite!