Tuesday, March 07, 2006

South Dakota's abortion law

This is a bad law. Not only does it violates a woman's right to choose, it isn't even meant to last. The law makes no exception for cases of rape, incest, or the health of the mother. South Dakota's governor and state legislature know that any abortion law that doesn't make these exceptions will be striken down by the Supreme Court, even with two new conservative justices. Their goal is not to outlaw abortion but to score political points during an off year election. Many career politicians love emotional and devisive issues like abortion to distract from all the real problems in this country.


  1. Now, there's an excellent reason not to vote for a third-party candidate.

  2. Usually you are quite critical of what you call the two factions of the War Party. Is this a right-to-life issue for you? A state's rights issue? Do you not like the way I composed the posting?

    I was actually hoping you would endorse me. I was thinking you would say something along the lines of "Robert Enders: The Least of All Evils".

  3. It's that "a woman's right to choose" thing ... an evasive euphemism for that which does not exist: anyone's "right" to have anyone arbitrarily killed.

    As for my "endorsement," it's not worth a millisecond's thought. The electoral significance of my endorsement approaches zero as thought approaches reality, and is undoubtedly negative to the extent that it exists at all. If the raw political power of the Allen County LP juggernaut gets you into office, there you are; and if it does not, you're personally better off anyway, I think. And since I wish you, personally, the very best, I suppose I'm favoring the latter outcome. (Not, as I say, that it makes the slightest difference what my preference would be.)

  4. Thank you for wishing me the best! I'll address your concerns about abortion in a new post, since people's attention spans tend to drop off after about 3 or 4 comments.

  5. One more thing. I probably would be better off if I did not get elected. There are things that I would rather be doing with my life, quite frankly.
    But as much as you care about me, Bartleby, you should realize that that there are three other human beings who are seeking the same office. One of us will be elected 80th District State Representative, the others will presumably find something productive to do with their lives. If you think that you have the slightest chance of having the slightest amount of influence of someone of voting age within the 80th District, then you should devote at least a millisecond to deciding which of us will do the greatest good for the greatest number (or the least amount of evil). If you decide that I am the least capable of creating more harm for Hoosier within the General Assembly, then I would appreciate your support.

  6. Support? If you want it -- you've got it. And the "millisecond" I was concerned about was your millisecond ... what I was trying to say is that my pico-nano-influence wasn't worth a millisecond of your time. For myself, I have plenty of milliseconds ... it's not a problem.

    And I don't wish to seem dismissive of your desire to serve the public; I myself am a recovering officeholder. When I ran, no one could successfully have advised me not to, either. In my case, at least, that was one of those things I had to learn from experience.

    Seriously: I wish you all the best, regardless of outcome.