Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What to do about abortion

Abortion. Its not the choice that I would make if I could pregnant. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else either. I don't think women should have them unless it was nessesary, but at the same time I don't think outlawing it will do much good either.

Let's say it does get completely outlawed through out the entire United States. Some qualified medical personel will lose their licences and wind up in prison. Women who want an abortion and can afford it will simply travel overseas. Those that cannot will take their chances with a coat hanger. Some women will carry their pregnancy to term then leave the baby in a trash can.

I'm sure many pro-life advocates can think up of doom and gloom scenarios of where society will head if abortion remains legal. Feel free to post those scenarios in the comment section.

But most pro-life advocates and I can agree that we would all be better of if there were fewer accidental pregnancies. So let's work on this common ground. The good news is that even with abortion being legal, fewer women are having them nowadays. It may seem counterintuitive, but it is the result of couple having more information on how to gratify themselves and each other while continuing to avoid conception.

Here. I'll start towards this common goal of ours by making a public service announcement.

1. Don't ever have sex.
2. If you decided to ignore my advice on #1, then you should realize that anytime a penis is placed inside a vagina, you run the risk of transmitting a venereal disease or getting the female half of your couple pregnant.
3. If you are reading this, you have internet access and can probably find all sorts of information about how to gratify yourself and your partner(s) while reducing the risk of getting infected or pregnant.


  1. Robert: You made me laugh. Tough to do on the abortion issue (which is why I remain silent most of the time on that one). Usually, I just defer to the people on either side of the issue who seem to have more stake in the cause than I.

    However, I love your "rules."

    I will see to it that when my kids are old enough, they have the same "rules" set forth on my letterhead.

    Love rule #3!!!

  2. Its not the choice that I would make if I could pregnant. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else either. I don't think women should have them unless it was nessesary ...

    Why not? What's wrong with them?

  3. Bartleby,

    You seem a pretty smart fellow, so I find it hard to believe that you are taking the stance that dismantling a viable human fetus isn't even a little hideous. I mean, aside from the obvious constitutionality can you possibly argue on behalf of the pro-choice stance unless you first address the fact that MOST abortions in the USA are performed out of the selfish desire to make one's genitals feel good without regard to the obvious and well documented consequences?
    I'm not saying that abortion should be legal, illegal, or anything else, but I don't know a single woman who enjoys her annual pap-smear appointment, and abortion is certainly more invasive, grizzly and painful than those.

    I understand that is no argument for or against legality, but legality (and morality) aside, there is PLENTY wrong with let's not play dumb.

  4. All I did was ask a question of Mr. Enders. I haven't expressed an opinion yet (in this thread). I suspect the time will come when I will ... but it hasn't come quite yet.

    And I never have to "play dumb." With no trouble at all, I can be as dumb as the situation might require.

  5. Personally, I believe one needs to be capable of feeling any sensation, be it pain or comfort, to be a person. For example, an anencephalic infant, a baby born without a cerebral cortex, is not a person with rights under this definition. Such an infant is already brain dead at birth, and if the mother so chooses she may allow a physician to harvest that infant's organs.

    Likewise, a single sperm cell does not constitute a person with rights. Neither does a single egg cell. Two non-persons do not constitute a person. But after an embryo has developed a brain, and presumably can feel and think, then it is a person with rights to be considered. So I do find late term abortions troubling. I do think that partial birth abortions should be illegal with a few exceptions, namely the health of the mother, or if the fetus simply is not viable as would be the case would be with anencephalic infants.

    So to answer your question Bartleby, first term abortions are like smoking an unfiltered cigarette. There are safer alternatives.

  6. LOL @ bartleby

    I'm with you on the "dumb" thing...I do it to my wife all the time just to bait her a little.

    After I posted that comment I read a different thread which cleared a few things up. You've got this whole ninja-like devil's advocate thing going on...