Sunday, February 12, 2006

My email is screwed up

Several friends have complained that I have not respond to emails. The problem could be with Yahoo. Also, I have set my inbox to automatically delete any emails that contain the following:
1. "rawlex"-Somebody keeps trying to sell me name brand watches with the name misspelled. Maybe I should try to sell them swampland in Flouridda.
2. "Nigeria"-Honestly, does any one ever fall for this? Here's a hint: Never get involved in a money laundering scheme with someone who has contacted you from out of the blue via email.
3. "U.S. bank account"-See above. Blocking this has gotten rid of a lot of spam as well.
4. "URGENT" Its always in caps. If it's urgent, call me on the phone.
5. "Confidential" If it's confidential, tell me in person.

Now is Marie going to say that I am censoring the Nigerian Foriegn Minister whenever he tries to contact me?

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