Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Robert Enders for State Representative

I’m Robert Enders, and I’m the Libertarian candidate for Indiana State House, 80th District.

There needs to be a serious dialogue about the future of Indiana. There has been a tendency among politicians to support issues simply because their own party supports those issues, and to oppose issues for the same reason. “Winning” and “losing” have taken precedence over what is actually good for the state. Most Republican state representatives are supporting Gov. Daniels’ plan to sell the Indiana Toll Road for much less than it is worth.

Representatives have been promoting pet projects for their own districts. Everyone wants a bigger piece of the pork pie. Yet the net costs of that pie outweigh the net benefits. Many Democrats have supported the wasteful “Build Indiana Fund” that sent money, not where it was needed, but toward whomever had the most political pull.

Large out-of-state corporations solicit special tax breaks and subsidies from the state and local governments by promising to create more jobs. But these handouts mean a higher tax burden on existing Indiana businesses of all sizes and Hoosier taxpayers of all income levels.

Indiana can show a commitment to the companies that have been here for years by cutting taxes and wasteful spending, instead of throwing money at corporations that are not serious about staying. This way, we can spur the growth of existing businesses and encourage new companies to be founded as well.


  1. running against WIN?

  2. Win Moses is from another district. I think he used to live here, so that's an easy mistake to make.

    The incumbent of the 80th, Ben GiaQuinta, is retiring. His son, Phil, is competing against Geoff Paddock in the Democratic primary. Kevin Howell is the Republican.

    Correction: I WILL be the LP candidate IF I am nominated in the state LP convention next month. But I am the only declared candidate so far. Maybe Doug Horner would like to become my roommate so he can run in this district.

  3. Anonymous4:23 PM

    You dont have a snowballs chance in hell.

  4. The statement, "You dont (sic) have a snowball's chance in hell" could be interpreted in a number of ways.

    It could mean that my chance of getting elected is less than or greater than that of a snowball's chance of being formed in the underworld.

    Likewise, there have been different intepretations in litereature and religious texts of what hell must be like. For example, in Dante's "Inferno", the ninth circle of hell is depicted as being quite cold.

    Plus, the White Sox won the World Series victory last year, and the Red Sox won it in 2004. If there is hope for them, there is hope for me and that snowball.

  5. Update me... tell me why you are like the white sox? Well lookee here! It's a blog. What a forum!

  6. Bet that Anonymous is glad this a free country so he/she may express opinions like that to a potential canidate for State Representative.
    Maybe it was Phil GiaQuinta, maybe it was your neighbor, maybe it was Rich Reynolds, maybe it was John Kerry, who really cares? My opinion? I am glad you have what it takes to run. Run on the platform of the common man. A man that believes in something. Like, oh, how about rights and the constitution?
    Sounds good to me.
    You may lose Robert, but I will vote for you.
    I'll vote for you Robert because you have to backbone to take a stand. You have the backbone to say, "My Name is Robert Enders and I believe in something"
    Hey Robert: I believe that this country can be greater than it is.
    I believe that the dream that or forefathers held dear enough in their hearts to die for can be resurrected. I think you have that glint of hope in your eye too. And that is why you, sir, have my vote.

  7. Geez, I re-read that and I feel like I should yell, "I love America and you can too again! Vote for Robert Enders!"

    Damn it!


  8. I would vote for you if I could, Robert, but Indiana's 80th doesn't have too many polling places here in Connecticut. I know when I vote for them that most of the people I vote for won't be elected because, unfortunately, standing for what is right is not the same as standing for what is popular. The recent news about the Xenophobic opposition to the Dubai ports deal hammers home that point. We don't want to allow businesses with any connection to terrorists to manage terminals at our ports so we don't allow a British company to ... Wait a minute wasn't Richard Reid British? Isn't Zacharias Moussoui French? And Jose (or is it Juan?) Padilla what country is he from? I think the UAE should consider renaming itself the United Politically Correct Emirates.