Friday, February 17, 2006

One issue in which Libertarians have a different stance than the NRA

Recently the National Rifle Association has been lobbying for states to pass laws forcing private companys to allow firearms on their property. They feel that a gunowner should at least be allowed by his employer to keep a gun in a locked compartment in his own vehicle.

Constitutional rights apply to the relationship between the individual and the government, not between labor and management. When a guy exercises his First Amendment right to call his boss a jackass to his face, he usually gets fired for it. Likewise, the right of private business to restrict workers, venders, and customers from bringing guns onto the property should be upheld.


  1. I am with you Robert.

    I am in favor of guns. I am not in favor of forcing employers to allow their employees to keep guns on company property.

  2. But if I have a personal protection permit, I should be allowed to carry it in my locked compartment of my locked vehicle.

    The problem is, that I can get my permit to protect myself, but can be mandated or regulated into actually not being allowed to carry it by the place I work or go to school.

    Now, the arguement is that I can simply choose not to work there, and look at everyone going postal. But hey, let's look at reality. I am at work before 7AM I many times arrive home AFTER 11PM. I am alone during my travels. Do we feel the city is that safe? I am allergic to an ingredient in pepper spray and mace is no longer on the market. I have been the victim of a crime more than once. The unemployment rate is high, and this town is tough to get a job that pays above the bare minimum.

    Think about reality.

  3. Once we allow laws forcing independent business to relinquish their rights it will only lead to more violations of our freedoms. If you want to carry the gun and have a permit that’s fine, just don’t park on your employers’ property - park across the street.

    One alternative; Get a Taser

  4. Now there is a thought. But the problem with the taser is once you tase (tase is that a word?)-- Once you use the taser as they are threatening you or taking your money or whatnot, then they turn around and sue you for the "damage" you've done to them in using the taser on them.

  5. If you can get sued for stunning a person with a Taser, you can be sued for shooting them. But self-defence usually works in civil cases as well as it works in criminal cases.