Sunday, November 27, 2005

A former Canadian Minister of Defence is worried about provoking an intergalatic war

I think that this man's concerns are unfounded. Really, if aliens are visiting Earth, then they are doing their very best to keep it a secret. Which probably means one of two possibilities:

1. They are planning a suprise invasion, and our attempt to shoot down UFO's are justified.
2. They are peaceful aliens who are complying with a noninterference directive, and therefore will not attack us no matter what we do.

Really, you would think that they would expect to be attacked whenever they overfly the US and fail to follow a flight plan. It should be evident even from space that there are hundreds of competing nation-states that hate and fear each other. What are they expecting when they land? Milk and cookies?


  1. Xathos of Centauri9:41 PM

    We ask that you do not fire upon our spacecraft while we are in your atmosphere. Evading your primitive air defence systems consumes precious fuel.

    We are just visiting Huntington to do some shopping.

  2. Huntington?

    Is that why Dan Quayle hasn't been in the news in a while?

  3. Xathos of Centauri9:44 PM

    WE HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM! Your government's official explanation that he moved to Arizona is in fact correct.