Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Don't seal the border

Many are calling for a halt to cross border traffic. But immigration is a sacred American institution. So is the military. Many of those who are currently serving are immigrants. Immigrants and foreignersas as a group are not responsible for the actions of Ramzi Yousef and Mohammed Atta just as servicemen and veterans are not responsible for the actions of Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols.

The economy of Allen County is dependant on cross-border traffic. Everyday, trucks with Ontario plates come down I-69 carrying parts to the GM plant. What needs to be done is to increase the number of green cards given out. Those who travel to the US with criminal intentions will still continue to sneak across the border even if the Rio Grande is replaced with a moat. You can still take a rubber raft from Cuba to Florida, from Siberia to Alaska, or from Baja California to the People's Republic of California. Our homeland defence efforts should be geared towards defending high profile targets within the country. It takes less money and manpower to secure key buildings than it does to do the same with thousands of mile of border and coastline.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more. I think that immigrants are too often scape-goated in this nation, the immigrants that I know are very hard working honest people trying very hard to navigate the long difficult process to become citizens.
    I only wish that we could do away with socialistic government welfare programs so that people could not say that immigration is the problem when talking about healthcare, welfare, etc. If we could privatize these services we could more easily handle bringing in more immigrants with their good work ethic, values and imagination.

  2. Ironically, illegal immigrants are actually pumping money into the welfare state. They obtain phony social security numbers, and social security tax is withdrawn from their paychecks. But they cannot ever collect social security checks unless they become US citizens. So social programs receive a net gain. This is actually why many Republicans and Democrats actually desire immigration, and why illegal immigration is treated with a wink and a nod. So why does the general public oppose immigration? Because they are a bunch of goddamn idiots. Ok, that's not really fair. They don't like immigrants because some who sneak in cut across people yards, and some drive without insurance and get into wrecks. And the same sort of shit occurs all the time on Chestnut St except the people involved are natural born citizens.