Saturday, November 26, 2005

How to accept Federal Campaign Funds with a clear conscience

Historically Libertarian candidates have declined federal campaign matching funds even and especially when they qualified to receive them. The money is consider stolen taxpayer money. We can attend public schools and drive on street paved by the state, but we draw the line at receiving an outright grant.

Likewise, I never check off the box on my tax form that asks if I want $3 to go to the Presidential Campaign Fund, since I know that nobody that I plan on voting for will accept it. But I then thought that no matter what I do, they are never going to give me that particular $3 back. So why don't I politely ask them to use that money towards a cause that I support, namely to go towards electing a Libertarian?

Let's hypothetically say that 2008 will be a tight 3 way race between Hillary Clinton, Condi Rice, and Trey Parker. (No, that's not an endorsement and I don't think he's running. I put that there for comic effect.) This is how it will work. The national LP website could ask members and supporters who still pay taxes if they plan on checking off the PCF box when they fill out their tax form in 2009. Let's say that 4,000 people say that they will. Trey Parker would then only accept $12,000 in campaign matching funds. He would only be accepting the $12,000 that taxpayers voluntarily said should go to him. This would not be stealing taxpayer money. It would be asking for it back.


  1. I agree that there should be no such thing as matching cmapaign funds.

    However they do exist. So if I ever run for an office that offers them I will accept them and promise to abolish them when I am elected...

  2. There is only one office for which candidate can receive matching funds. If you win that office, can I be the ambassador to some place that's warm?

  3. It's funny that Libertarians are expected to be self-hamstrung by their principles. Is it really our only place to pay for things? I take the tack that if I am forced to comply with paying, I sure as hell will comply with the draw, for the same reasons that I would pick up my wallet if it was dropped by a mugger: It's mine.