Thursday, November 17, 2005

Colt Stadium Funding

Now that the Colts have an unbeaten record this late in the season, it does not seem very politically expendient for the LPIN to oppose the use of tax increases to pay for a new stadium for the Colts. The irony of it is, the more success the Colts have, the less they need the government handout but the more likely they are to get it.

So I had an idea for an alternative method of funding. Put donation boxes in every gas station in the state. Put some in Tennesee too, so that Peyton Manning fans can contribute. Just put a small white plastic jug with a slot on top and a blue horseshoe logo on the side and Colts fans can raise the cash for their team. You can put a sign next to each box that says "Help these poor desititute millioniares" or "Just a dollar a day gives Peyton a place to play!" Or bake little white cupcakes with the logo on them and sell those door to door. Sell doughnuts in the counties around Indy with the slogan "Doughnut Counties Support The Colts!"

Bears fans like me, Bengals fans, Browns fans, and that Lions fan who is rumored to have been sighted in LaGrange County should not have to contribute.

There is an obscure Ayn Rand quote that applies to this very well, but I probably won't find it until after the playoffs. But it points out that when a town's home team does well, only those who actually play on the team really have anything to be proud of. I disagree with that statement just a little. Those who VOLUTARILY help finance the team, and those who attend game to show their support and help player morale have a lot to be proud of as well.


  1. Come on, Mike. There are still people living who remember the '56 season.

  2. I think the greatest Lion of all time was George Plimpton.