Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Neighborhood Renewal

Two homes on my block have been torn down. This has been going on for a couple weeks, mostly during the day when I'm trying to sleep. I have had moderate success sleeping in spite of the noise. There is quite a bit of industrial noise in this part of town in this part of town, with a weilding place and train tracks only two blocks away. I rather like the noise because it keeps my rent low and it keeps the kind of people who grip about neighborhood asthetics away.

The newly vacant lots on this block will probably stay that way since I don't think anyone wants to build a new house around here. Personally I'd rather live next door to a pile of debris than a little old lady who likes to call code enforcement.

The newspaper often has stories about people who don't like living next door to a junkyard or who are upset about the noise from the interstate. This town need interstates and junkyards though. It doesn't need people who are worried more about peeling paint than all the other problems that this town has. I think when I do buy a house, I want to live next door to maybe a foundry or an abandoned warehouse. That should keep the riffraff away.

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