Thursday, September 04, 2008


This evening the phone rang and the caller ID read "Unknown Caller/Unknown Number". The caller said he was calling on behalf of Comcast, that my bill was past due, and I was scheduled for service interruption. I told him that I would call back and pay my bill. He said that I had until the 8th to pay it. I went online and confirmed that my bill had been already been paid electronically. I will call Comcast in the morning to confirm that there has not been a mistake made on their part and to tell them to alert other Comcast customers.


  1. I had the same thing happen to me the same date as you did. I just hung up on them (basically because the night before I had just been in my online Comcast account and everything was fine).

  2. I'd like to see these mystery people from "Comcast" try that with US...
    We switched to Verizon FiOS!



  3. Comcast didn't do this, someone posing as a Comcast employee did. It could have just been just as easy for someone to pose as a Verizon employee.

    I hate Verizon btw. They kept saying that VOIP isn't reliable. But in 2004, when a storm took out my phone line, it took them 3 days to restore service. I've never had problems like that since I switched to Comcast for ISP and Vonage for phone.

    When I finally did cancel my service, this whiny Verizon operator kept pleading with me. She sounded like I was breaking up with her. Does it really bum her out that much if someone drops Verizon for phone and internet? Or is she just on commission?

    FIOS seems nice, but it's expensive as hell.