Saturday, May 31, 2008

Reading a book in a dream

Sometimes while I'm asleep, in my dream I'll pick up something to read. But I cannot focus on the text, I get frustrated, then I wake up. I wonder if it is because my subconscious cannot come up with text fast enough for me to read it.

As anyone who has tried their hand at writing knows, your brain cannot generate text faster than you can comprehend it. You can read an article faster than you can write one. So if you hear that JR Ewing has just been shot, try reading an newspaper, book, or magazine. You might wake up faster.

1 comment:

  1. I usually wake up REAL fast whenever I hear gunshots or loud booms...but that's just me (and my neighborhood).
    Love to read a book while AWAKE, but that's barely possible as well.

    I just want my dreams to stop being 5 minute "shorts" consisting of DAWN OF THE DEAD reruns in B&W!

    Now if I could only work in some 3 Stooges in those dreams...