Friday, May 23, 2008

How video games could prevent violence

Violent video games cannot possibly lead to real violence. Real violence requires time and effort. You actually have to get off the couch and possibly go outside to kill somebody. Perhaps we should encourage violent, sociopathic types to spend as much time in front of a TV screen as possible. That way, on the day that they finally do snap, they will be so out of shape that it will be easier for the rest of us to outrun them. Plus they will have gained so much weight that they'll make bigger targets for the police.


  1. Yes, we should encourage violent types to spend more time in front of the TV playing video games, but these are the same idiots who will blimp up on Cheez Doodles and Doritos, then get diabetes, or back problems, claim they can’t work, apply for and get disability, and we’ll be supporting these guys. I’d rather they just shoot each other up.

  2. It's cheaper to give someone food stamps than it is to put them in prison.