Thursday, November 22, 2007

Open Holiday Tread Post

I figure most of the anonymous trolls are the kind who don't get invited to Thanksgiving dinner, and therefore are reading this blog instead of shopping or eating. So talk about whatever you want or insult whomever you want. Whatever floats your boat or grinds your axe.


  1. I had a nice time with your family on Thursday. :)

    And Ann Coulter sucks.

  2. Anonymous12:13 AM

    I had a nice time with my own family.

    Ann Coulter is the Michael Moore of the right. If you're going to say one sucks, you got to say the other sucks.

  3. So would you say Michael Moore is the Ann Coulter of the left?

    I don't need someone who posts as "Anonymous" to tell me if I say one person sucks, that the other person sucks. It's my damn opinion; you want the right to speak for me, my price for putting YOUR words in MY mouth starts at a mere $100 million.

    Let's just all be nice and say everyone in the whole world is wonderful, so nobody, including those "Anonymous" folks, will be offended.