Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I received a Neilsen survey in the mail

They called and asked if I would like to participate. They sent $30 in cash and two booklets, one for each TV set that I own. I am now supposed to record what shows I watch each day, in 15 minute intervals.

TV is supposed to be passive entertainment. Now that I have to fill out paperwork for my TV veiwing, I've been spending more time on the computer. Everytime I feel the impulse to turn on the TV, I think "Ok, I should log this." I have gotten to the point where I am now too lazy to watch TV. The reporting period started Thursday the 8th, and today is the last day of the reporting period. So far all I watched was football and cartoons.


  1. I got one of those a few years back...didn't send us any MONEY though...(wow).

    I had the books filled out IN ADVANCE, as I KNEW what I would be watching that week (History channel, Sci-Fi channel and a few network shows).

    And we only got ONE book (for both TVs)...(that was the only confusing part, but I got it sorted out)

    Don't spend that $30 all in one place, Bob!


  2. Do they ask you to return the money if you don't keep track of your TV viewing?

  3. I got one last year. They sent me a letter first, asking if I would take their survey. I threw the letter in the trash. They sent another letter a week later. I threw it in the trash. Then, they called me at home and asked me to take the survey. I replied that I don't watch much TV (no cable at the time) and that I didn't really want to waste my time with their survey.

    A week later, they sent me the survey, with cash. I felt guilty about taking the money, so I (kinda) filled out the survey.

    Damn, those persistant bastards really take this stuff seriousl!

  4. Jon,
    I think I could keep the money even if I didn't return the surveys.

    I love taking surveys by the way. Its like voting, only your vote counts even more since you are one of 1000 randomly selected adults rather than 1 million voters.