Tuesday, September 18, 2007

RIP Robert J Enders

Some of my critics have accused me of having an 80-year-old mindset. Perhaps they have confused me with this guy.
Just to clarify, and so that the Election Board doesn't remove my name based on exagerrated reports of my untimely demise, I am alive and well.


  1. An 80-year-old mindset? With the way you enjoy video games???

    If you start getting excited about shuffleboard, Geritol and wearing pants with the waistband halfway up your chest, THEN I'll have to agree with the 80-year-old mindset.

    Of course, if you talk to people and say "like" a lot, people will think you're some Atari-wave Gen Xer and too "grammatically challenged" to hold office.

    Just don't use the word "whippersnappers." They will start calling you "Pops Enders" and you'll lose the college kids.

    This message brought to you by Gloria "How to win friends, influence people, and win elections" Diaz

  2. I AM a Atari-wave Gen-Xer. My parents bought a 2600 when I was 2 or 3.