Tuesday, August 21, 2007

TV Show Dead Pool

A dead pool is a game in which people try to guess which celebrities are going to die by the end of the calender year. The problem with that is if you win, you get investigated. So this year, Gloria Diaz and I will try to predict which of the new TV shows this season will be cancelled and which will be renewed next year.
"HIT" means that I believe that this show will still be on the air in September 2008. "MISS" means that I think that the show will be either canceled or on permanent hiatus. We have not see any of the pilot episodes yet, nor do we plan to see all of them. Our guesses are based purely on what we have seen or heard so far.

We'll start with Fox shows. We'll cover other networks in later posts.

HIT "Back to You" It has star power in the form of Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton. A sitcom about the news can have a lot of cerebral humor, which just might draw all the smart people away from the Internet for 30 minutes. And dumb people will tune in because they recognize the actors. Something for everybody!

HIT "K-Ville" A cop show set in New Orleans. This looks like a upbeat, yet gritty drama.

MISS "Don’t Forget the Lyrics" Game show where contestants must remember song lyrics. Good concept, but its competing against an NBC show with the same idea called "Singing Bee". Only one of the two shows is going to make it, and "Bee" is getting higher ratings.

MISS "Nashville" Country music version of "American Idol".Networks have an amazing knack for taking an idea that worked, then using it over and over again until viewers get fed up.

MISS "The Next Great American Band" It's like "American Idol", but with band instead of solo artists. See above.

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