Friday, August 31, 2007

TV Dead Pool Part II

Today I will pick which new CBS shows will likely live and which ones will die.

HIT "Cane" It seems like a TV show version of Scarface. Should be interesting.
HIT "Moonlight" Some show about vampires. It has a "Ghost Whisperer lead-in, so that might save it.
MISS "The Big Bang Theory" A sitcom about physicists. Were they looking over a list of occupations and trying to pick one that nobody made a TV show about? Did they ever consider there is a good reason a show has not been made about physicists?
MISS "Kid Nation" A reality show about kids running a town. People will turn in the first week out of morbid curiosity. Since charges aren't being filed against the producers, I'm going to assume that there was some off-camera adult supervision. In other words, the kids don't set fire to the town. Sorry folks....

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