Saturday, August 04, 2007

Blogger's block

Ok, so I haven't updated in a while. August is traditionally a slow news month. About the only interesting thing that has happened to me in recent weeks that I am free to talk about would be my cat getting sick. Stewie was lethargic (as opposed to just plain lazy) and wasn't using the litter box. I was worried. When Misty had plumbing problems, it turned out to be bladder stones, costing $600 to fix. The vet had him all day, waiting for him to pee. I wish he had that kind of control when he was on my carpet all those times. It turned out to be a urinary tract infection, and it only cost $94 to diagnose and cure. Stewie is now on an antibiotic, and is back to his normal, lazy self.


  1. Did you ever wonder how many cats have died because their owners didn't know the difference between "lazy" and "lethargic"?

  2. I lost my cat (years ago) due to FUS. Male neutered cats are the most prone to this, and it can take their life within 24 hours (and that was on a Thanksgiving day when NO vets were about IRONY).

    The best thing to do for your cat now that he's been treated is to check the food labels for ASH CONTENT. The LOWER the ash content, the less likelihood of any urinary problems recurring.

    (He's a cat lover AND his name's BOB...gotta love it)


    (animal lover in general)