Friday, July 20, 2007

Novemeber 7th: Moving Day?

More and more, a common strategy for getting one's way in this town is to threaten to pack up and ship out. A number of anonymous poster have threatened to move out of Fort Wayne if Harrison Square fell through. One person posting under the name "Ron Paul" threatened to leave if Libertarians ever ran this city.

See, I wish I could get that in writing. However, I have not found one blogger or comment poster who threatened to leave while using their legal name. This gives me high hopes that if I get elected then there will be fewer anonymous bloggers in this town.


  1. Anonymous2:15 PM

    The funniest thing about people who threaten to move if a certain something happens is that by doing so they are only pleasing those which they oppose. And they are proving that they are cowards who are not willing to stay and fight for what they believe is right.

    The people who would most likely leave if Libertarians ran this city are the ones who depend on the government to survive, and if they all left we could easily lower taxes on the people that do contribute to society.

  2. A LOT of people in my district are dependent on the government to survive. But the government makes them dependent. For example, strict zoning ordinances and high property taxes will make it difficult to run a business, making it in turn harder to find a job. Higher property taxes also drive up the cost of rent. Personally, I support continuing certain social programs until they are no longer needed or can be taken over by private charities.

    Actually, if you sincerely are unconfortable with the system of government where you live, it is a very good idea to move. For example, some of my ancestors moved to the US from Germany. Considering the history of Germany since then, I think that was a very good idea. The United States is the only free country on Earth. If there were another country that was more free than this one, I would move there.

  3. Anonymous5:43 AM

    Don't worry Rob I don't think you'll get elected any time soon.

  4. I agree, the election is still 3 month away.