Monday, March 26, 2007

Save the Firehouse Theater!

What follows is an email I got from Jeannette. She can't afford to keep the Firehouse Theater open by herself anymore and needs help.

Save the Firehouse Brainstorming Session
Monday, March 26, 2007, 7

A "Save the Firehouse Theater" brainstorming session will be
Monday, March 26, at 7 pm, at the Firehouse Theater, 1245 E. State. This is
a fundraiser.

If things don't change, the Firehouse will
close May
12. Detailed expenses and possibilities are at .

If we get two or more
independent troupes to put on shows along with my shows, all sharing the
expenses, the Firehouse will survive.

If three
are being done per week, each show need only sell 40 $5
seats to pay
their expenses; there are 33 more seats to sell for
profit. If more shows
per week are being done, it divides the expenses
even smaller. Donations
and other income reduce expenses still

The Firehouse needs
volunteers to help with costumes,
sets, crew work, clean-up, organizing and
publicity. Please

Please come to this Monday's
meeting at 7pm.
I'll feed you refreshments, give a tour and lay it all out

The Firehouse is the only theater in town offering
actors the freedom to create their own shows. It is a free speech platform
should not be let to die.

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