Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Some comments on the State of the Union Address.

Troop Surge- Wasn't the objective to find the WMD's? Haven't it been established to everyone's satifaction that there aren't any? Doesn't that mean that the objective has been completed? Is there any point in staying?

Healthcare- I agree that health insurance should be tax deductible for individuals. It is not fair that neither corporations nor their employees pay taxes on their health benefits while a guy with his own landscaping business cannot deduct his health insurance premiums.


  1. Killing Al-Queda seems to me to be a good reason to stay. Of course, I still carry a grudge about the 9/11 thing.

  2. I hold the same grudge. That is why I do not favor a pullout from Afghanistan. I realize that if your only goal is protecting this country from al Qaida, then the Iraq war creates a dilemma. Staying creates more Iraqi sympathizers, leaving gives them a morale boost. I propose that we use the death of Saddam & Co. as a pretext for declaring victory. We can give the Iraqi government two years notice then take off.

  3. Anonymous9:32 AM

    I don't get it. You favor killing Al-Queda in Afghanistan but not in Iraq? Why? There are a lot more resources in Iraq that can be used against us. Did we pass your pain level in Iraq. What is your level of American troop casualties that cause us to give up the fight in Afghanistan, too?

    We could just fight them here, I suppose. Fort Wayne is probably way down on the list of targets.

  4. "Al Qaida in Iraq" is simply a rebranded insurgent group. Any country we invade over the next 10 years will have their own al Qaida franchise, even if the enemy country has nothing to do with Islamic extremists or terrorism. The core of the organization is in Afghanistan. Long after Osama dies you will still have groups claiming al Qaida affiliation, just as there are still neo-Nazis over 60 after WWII ended. There will always be some nut claiming to belong to one group or the other. We cannot kill or capture them all, but we should focus on elimatting those that pose the biggest threats.