Friday, January 26, 2007

Prisoners have lower death rate than general population

A recent study indicates that prisoners have a lower death rate than the rest of us. It doesn't suprise me, frankly. Prison officials go out of their way to make sure that prisoners have good health care, good food, and lots of exercise. Plus, prisoners do not drive and are that much less likely to die in a traffic accident.

We can draw one conclusion from this study. Freedom kills. Prison is the one place in this country where people have the fewest rights. Without liberty or the pursuit of happiness to get in the way, life in prison can last a long time. Arguably, most of those in prison are better off there.

We continue to lose freedoms in the name of promting health and safety. How long before people are sent to prison on the grounds that they would be healthier and safer there?

1 comment:

  1. You make a good point there, Bob...

    Becoming a "ward" of the state or the Feds is one way to avoid all this needless taxation AND get health care!

    Then again, you can't nip out to Red Lobster for their "Shrimpfest"
    ...or can you?