Saturday, September 30, 2006

Campaign Update!

I certainly meet quite a few characters when I go door to door! One gentleman thought that God was testing him through my appearance on his door step. He asked where I came from. I told him "Chestnut Street". I tried to reassure him that I was only visiting his house because it was in my district and that my visit was no more special than my visit to any other house in the district. To the best of my knowledge, no divine entity or entities are acting through me. If they are, they certainly are being very subtle about it.

I also bought some ad space in Frost Illustrated. I gave them one of my door hangers to use as a sample:

My photo in the sample ad that they produced from it didn't look so good. The layout guy said that this was because it was a copy of a copy of a picture, and that he would get better results if he had the original. But I did not feel like driving home to get the original. So I stepped outside, took a self portrait with my camera phone, and emailed it to Frost. This is my latest pic:

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