Monday, September 25, 2006

Campaign Update!

I attended the candidate's forum at the Union Hall on Saturday. I was second in line to speak because I got there early. I now wish I waited a bit longer so I could think of more to say. Even though there were probably more candidates than voters at the forum, I think that its still productive in that we all get to hear each others ideas. Some people seemed to like my idea of doing what Brazil does and make ethanol from sugar instead of corn.
After the forum, Ken Fries was surprised to see the spinner hubcaps on my car.

The car needed new hubcaps when I first bought it, so I got these because I thought they looked cool. By the way, this baby gets 38 mpg, in case any of you were curious on what my plan to bring down gas prices is. This is part of it: reduce unnecessary consumption. It's fine to drive a minivan, station wagon, or SUV if you need to. If you don't need that big of a vehicle, you deserve to pay through the nose. It's simple supply and demand.

I handed out about 100 door hangers this weekend. I try to go out everyday since I don't want to fall out of my routine. Several were handed out to some children who walked up to me and asked for some. I explained to them that they were all too young to vote, but I indulged their requests for door hangers anyway. To these kids, campaign materials are an interesting curiosity, like a feather found on the ground. I explained to them what a state representative does and how a bill gets passed into law. They told me which houses were vacant so I could skip those. Hopefully the door hangers will find their way into view of someone of voting age.

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