Friday, April 21, 2006

Indiana's new slogan

The state of Indiana paid $90,000 for the following slogan: "Re-start Your Engines". Why 30K a word? It seems that the money was spent on focus groups and consultants. (Sometimes I think a consultant is someone you pay to tell you to do what you planned on doing anyway.)

I would have done it for free. My guess is that most out of state tourists would still come from within the region, say the Midwest and Kentucky. How about "Indiana: Culture That's Close to You"

The problem with "Re-start Your Engines" is that it appeals mostly to racing fans. While there is nothing wrong with people who enjoy watching cars go real fast in a circle, my guess is that racing fans don't need a commercial to tell them that the Indianapolis 500 takes place in Indianapolis.

1 comment:

  1. It was a nice way for the Daniels Administration to say, "Central Indiana is all that's on our radar". How exactly is Gary, Evansville, Fort Wayne, Richmond, and Terre Haute to latch on to this?