Thursday, April 20, 2006

Campaign Update

Monday I was at the tax protest. There weren't as many latefilers this year as there were last year. I think part of that is due to confusion over when the actual deadline is, and part of it is due to more people filing online. One woman said that she liked paying taxes because of the services that she recieves. I propose that she be allowed to pay the portion of my taxes that do not go towards roads, emergency services, and the military.

There is an interesting idea for you all: tax earmarking. You already can check off that box on the 1040 that put $3 toward the Presidential Campaign Fund. I never check it off, because the money always goes to candidates that I don't support. But it would be an interesting thing to see how many people would vote for a program versus how many would be willing to pay for a program.

How many people want to pay for the "Bridge to Nowhere"? Fifty people? That bridge then would consist of large floating chunks of styrofoam. For the price that the government is paying for that bridge, every resident of Gravina Island could just buy a house some place warmer and more accessable. Alaska's Congressman Ted Stevens threatened to quit if the funding was cut for the bridge. I say we should have taken him up on the offer.

Yesterday I went out to distribute more door hangers. I took Mikey Potter with me, but he got tired after about an hour. I'm going out again today, but I have to be at the downtown library at 7pm. Why? To help film "Libertarians at Large".

Yes, "Libertarians at Large" will be on at 7pm tonight on Comcast Channel 57. I don't know what Doug has planned or who will be the guest. You can tune in, then call the show to ask or comment on the topic being discussed. Or you can flick rubber bands at the screen. Hey, it's your TV.

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  1. Folks, the live show had to be canceled because of a miscommunication. So we aired prerecorded matierial.