Thursday, March 16, 2006

Finally figured how to post my pic

I've been blogging since August and I finally learned how to post pictures on my profile. Of course I didn't have a good recent photo of me untill a few days ago. That pic that you can see of me at the LPAC site on my bio was one that I copied off of my IPFW student ID. That ID is from 2001.

So what do you think of it? Should I wear a tie next time? How about a suit? Maybe a paperbag?

Let this be a lession to you all, though. Polticians are not perfect. Neither Phil GiaQuinta, Geoff Paddock, Kevin Howell, nor I are at all qualified to make decisions regarding how you should live your life. But that is what the Libertarian promise of smaller government is all about. With some notable exceptions, human beings are capable of deciding what is best for themselves. If it is a mistake to let one person decide what to put into his or her body, then it is an even bigger mistake to let a governor and a state legislature or a President and a Congress decide for them.


  1. Robert,

    Thank you for covering the SE side for us! I'll sleep much better now knowing that I didn't leave a gaping hole over there. ;)

    BTW, what did your cats have for breakfast?

  2. Pretty fancy tastes for Libertarian felines. . .=)