Monday, March 13, 2006

Candidate's Forum

The Spy Run Neighborhood Association held a candidate's forum today. I attended, and I brought Michael "Mikey" Potter, the high school student who lives next door to me. I suspect that there were more candidates in attendance than there were registered voters. Even though the forum took place outside of the 80th District, I attended anyway for the learning experience.

The highlight of the event was when all the candidates for Sheriff made their cases on why they should be the next Sheriff of Allen County. Democrat Tina Taviano was the only one there who was confident that combining the 911 dispatch services for Allen County and Fort Wayve would save money in addition to providing better service. I found that encouraging.

Roy Buskirk gave me a nail file. Mike Foster handed out tip cards. Dave Roach handed out little plastic badges to everyone, including Mikey, and told them that they hand been deputized. Jeff Frazier was there, so check out his blog to see what he has to say.