Wednesday, December 07, 2005

US military on college campuses

The US military should allow gays and lesbians to serve. Right now recruiting shortfalls are such that they cannot afford to turn an otherwise qualified candidate away. Any person who is the most qualified applicant for a particular government job should not be turned down for reasons unrelated to the task at hand.
In my case I would need a waiver because I have Attention Deficit Disorder. That's fine, because I am perfectly content to stay in the private security business for the time being, and ADD could be a serious liability in a combat situation. ADD causes me to have this issue of losing focus at the task at hand and start talking about something totally unrelated. One of my tires was going bald so I had it replaced. I should get them rotated more often. The car drives a lot better on slick surfaces now that I got that fixed. But that's another post.

I also feel that college campuses should do without federal funding. The federal tax rate should be lowered, and states can for the time being raise their own rates so that such funding can continue on a state level. But that's another post

The "don't ask don't tell" policy is one particular flaw that some law schools have decided is grounds for excluding military recruiters from their campuses. But the US military is still as much a force for good as lawyers are, if not more. If there were no US military, there would be no federal government to provide them the funding in the first place and no US courts for their graduates to practice law in. Law schools should either turn down federal funding, or allow the military to recruit on campus.


  1. It is all insane this "don't ask, don't tell" business. Ask a Marine about "blood stripes".. every branch has something. Yet they serve along side these "flawed" individuals. Personally, I think it is a moral issue and has NOTHING to do with the government or the military. If they have the courage it takes to do the job and do it well, allow them to serve.

  2. I am not so sure about Gay's in the military myself.

    I spent six years on active duty in the Uited States Navy. I was stationed on a nuclear submarine for over four years.

    I have spent MONTHS at a time under the water. You could not watch TV, listen to the radio, get news from home, etc. It was a very isolated place.

    In the four years I served there were a total of three gays on the submarine. I was not friends with any of them; however, I was not enemies with any of them either.

    One of them ended up getting kicked out of the navy because he was caught giving another guy a blow in a parking lot...

    One of them ended up getting removed from our submarine by an emergency helicopter because he overdosed on pain killers after his "boyfriend" broke up with him.

    The third person did just fine.

    A submarine is an isolated place and I tend to think it would be better off without gays. I also would not want women on one UNLESS it was a submarine that had an ALL WOMAN crew, and that would be fine.


  3. I can see how it would be a problem aboard submarines. As for a sub with an all-female crew, would it be feasible if there aren't any female officers with submarine experience? Would a simple prohibition against sexual relations between anyone serving together work? Of course people aren't always going to follow that rule. The military already prohibits sodomy and that includes giving or recieving heterosexual blow jobs. I understand that particular regulation is violated frequently.

  4. I certianly think it would be hard to transition to an all female crew due to experience; however, I sure do think women could crew a submarine...