Friday, December 09, 2005

Bear and Bull 1990-2005

In 1990, Mom had brought home a puppy. It looked like a German Shepard. It had already possessed the common dog name of "Bear". Bear was given to Mom by somebody she worked with. The puppy would eat anything that would fit in his mouth. He seemed to like used tissue paper, always fishing it out of the trash. Sometimes in his stool there were bits of newspaper with the print still legible.

Mom brought a little black puppy a few days later. Both puppies were from the same litter. The previous owner named him "Runt" but Mom didn't like that name. We went with the name "Bull" to go with a Wall Street/ Chicago sports team theme. It also turns out that "Bear" and "Bull" are NATO reporting names for two different type of Soviet bombers.

Bear seemed like more of an extrovert. When he liked you, he'd run up to you to be petted. If he didn't like you, he growled at you and bit you. Bull was a bit more stoic. He prefered to attack small animals. Sometimes we would find a flat mouse carcass on the floor. It turned out that he would step on it the mouse with his front paw.

Bull passed away in January. Bear was very upset by this. He would howl and I would have to comfort him. Bear passed away yesterday.

I first met Bear, Bull, and Misty when all of our lives were just beginning. Now they are all dead from old age and my life is still beginning.

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