Saturday, August 26, 2017

Joe Arpaio is granted amnesty

One of the most common arguments for building a wall to stop illegal immigration is that the immigration was illegal. These folks were quick to stress that they were not racist, and that they just wanted these immigrants to obey the law and come here legally. Even if these immigrants have jobs and are paying taxes, the pro-wall crowd wants them deported for breaking the law.

One wall won't stop a criminal from crossing a border. But three walls and a set of bars can stop a criminal from going anywhere at all. Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a man sworn to uphold the law, cheerfully broke the law instead. If you want immigrants deported for breaking the law, you should want US citizens incarcerated or fined for breaking the law.

Joe Arpaio should be subject to the same justice as anyone else. Instead Donald Trump pardoned him.


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