Friday, June 23, 2017

Wonder Woman=Captain America (SPOILERS)

I just got home from seeing Wonder Woman in the theater. It reminded me a LOT of Captain America: The First Avenger.

Both movies start out in the present day, and then flashback to the main character's origin story.

Both Diana and Steve Rogers really want to fight, but very important people won't let them.

Meanwhile, an evil disfigured German is working on a horrifying new weapon.

The head evil German is so evil that he'll kill other Germans so we know that he's really, really evil and not just following orders.

A secret agent who is also our hero's love interest help them join the fight.

Our near invincible superhero still needs a shield to fight German soldiers on the front lines of a world war.

The final battle involves a multi-engine bomber headed towards a major Allied city. But Captain Steve (played by a guy named Chris) heroically forces his way on board the plane when it's taking off, kills the pilot, and sacrifices himself instead of aiming the plane at the ocean and bailing out.

Both movies end in the present day, and our hero gets ready for the next movie.

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