Wednesday, November 23, 2016

I still don't want anything for Christmas

So this has been a difficult year for us all and for my family in particular. Some of you might be tempted to send me a card or a gift this Christmas. Please resist that temptation. I live in a cozy home with my life partner Marty and we barely have room for the possessions that we already own. To bring anything else into our home would require us to discard something that we've owned and treasured for years.

So don't get me anything. Not one card, not one pair of socks, nothing. Christmas is more of a holiday for children and other people who lack an income of their own. Getting a $60 video game is pretty sweet when you make $0 a year. I'm an adult with income of my own. I can get whatever I want whenever I want. Go buy something for someone in need.

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