Thursday, August 14, 2014

A novella I wrote about a suicidal person is suddenly relevant again.

I didn't plan on writing anything about Robin Williams. Celebrity deaths are talked about so much that I really don't think I have anything unique to contribute to that particular conversation. Then I remembered "Wasted Life" a story I wrote about a suicidal woman who intends to kill herself near a hospital in order give her organs away. It's a dark comedy, and it's definitely not appropriate for sensitive people. But I had a couple friends who attempted suicide in the past read it. And they loved it. So if this story brought joy to people who really, really needed it, then I probably should be doing more to promote this book.


 "Wasted Life" is the story of Angela Fulton, a depressed woman who makes an Internet video announcing her intent to kill herself in ten days and give her organs away. During those 10 days, she has to stay one step ahead of the authorities or else get locked away under suicide watch. People reach out to her, either because they care about her or because they have a loved one who can use her organs.

This book is available for 99 cents for Nook, Kindle, and other platforms. For all copies sold until the end of September 2014, my share of the proceeds will be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

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