Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Overthinking the movie "Ted" and "Family Guy"

I notice that in this movie and Family Guy, there will be male talking animals in relationships with human females. For example, Brian the Dog and Jillian the Human were together for a few episodes. I see it, and I know it's a cartoon, so I just get over it. But this Ted movie is live action, and we see human actresses flirting with a goddamned stuffed animal. Yes, this movie sort of falls into the fantasy genre, since teddy bears don't sound like Peter Griffin in real life. But generally, people are still people in fantasy and science fiction. Humans will shack up with aliens on Star Trek and even have kids, but at least Vulcans look enough like humans that one could see the attraction. But Ted is a piece of cloth with cotton and/or polyester stuffing who works a dead end job, is addicted to drugs, and has no genitals.

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