Sunday, February 22, 2009

The impact of the war on the economy

What if the 9/11 attacks never took place? What if Saddam Hussein allowed the UN inspectors to go wherever they wanted? Would the economy be stronger right now if the country wasn’t at war? Could President Obama fix the economy simply by bringing America’s best back to America?

We need to get past the myth that war is good for the economy. Whether military action is justified or not, it involves sending good people and expensive equipment from this country to some other part of the world. War is a drain on resources, and it is a tremendous expense that we shouldn’t want to pay unless we have no other choice.

The economic effects on our civilian population is a secondary concern in any decision to go to war. If the war is necessary and justified, then we really don’t have any choice but to endure certain hardships on the homefront. But whether one thinks that the ongoing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq should continue, whether or not one agrees with the decision to go to war in the first place, our overseas engagements are contributing factors in the current situation.


  1. Bob:
    I guess the FERENGI won't be allowing you into their "inner circle" anytime soon...
    "War is ALWAYS good for business"
    (rule of acquisition #35)

    But *I* know where you're coming from, nonetheless.

    Good post.

  2. That rule applies only if you are a defense contractor. See Rule #36: Peace is good for business.

  3. Touche', mon ami!