Monday, February 02, 2009

Converting to a Dvorak keyboard

I decided try using a Dvorak keyboard. It's expensive to buy such a keyboard, but it is possible relabel a QWERTY keyboard and change the keyboard layout settings in Windows. I tried using homemade labels, but they peel off too easy. So I found a company that makes keyboard labels.

The hard part is relearning how to type. I was at 33 WPM with QWERTY, I'm still at about 12 wpm with Dvorak.


  1. Is yours the modern layout, where the numbers are arranged the same as the QWERTY board, or is it the classic layout where they are mixed up.

  2. I have the modern layout. I don't see any advantage to the classic layout.

    I forgot to mention that I'm using transparent stickers so that my QWERTY friends can still use my computer, and I have a USB keyboard that I can take with me to work.

  3. You are free to learn whatever system you want, but most office work and applications rely on the QWERTY keyboard. You may dazzle future employers with your prowess on the Dvorak, but I wouldn't count on that happening for a long time.

  4. It seems the myth of the superior Dvorak keyboard is just that, a myth. You can read more here: