Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A small bit of advice to both Obama supporters and opponents

Blagojevich is accused of demanding payment in exchange for appointing a US Senator. But politicians trade favors all the time. You vote my way on a bill, I’ll vote your way on a different bill. If you vote against my lucrative contract, I’ll stop giving to your campaign committee. How would you like a job as a “consultant”? A savvy politician always makes sure little is said aloud and nothing is in writing so that there’s a reasonable doubt and criminal charges won’t stick.

To be sure, there’s plenty of corruption in the private sector as well. Human nature being what it is, we cannot rid the country of corruption. While it is essential to give government a certain amount of power to control private sector corruption, too much power increases the risk and possible damages by corrupt officials.

Obama’s supporters must be careful what they ask of this man and what powers they wish to endow upon him. Even if he turns out to be the greatest president who ever was or will be, he will only be in office for a maximum of 8 years. Whoever succeeds Obama as POTUS will retain the powers and privileges that were assigned to Obama during his administration.

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