Monday, November 17, 2008

New Star Trek Movie Trailer

The new trailer is out.

I can think of a couple ways that this movie might conflict with canon. First, this is a movie about Kirk's first mission on the Enterprise, and it features other familiar faces like Spock, Scotty, and Chekov. But on the TV show, Kirk was the captain while Chekov was still an ensign. This would suggest that Chekov is at least 10 years younger than Kirk. So would Chekov be still in elementry school during Kirk's first mission? Other possible explanations: Chekov started as an enlisted man, got caught up in a time loop, went into a coma, or the guy in charge of promotions at Starfleet HQ is biased against Slavs.

Still, you shouldn't let inconsistencies ruin this movie for you. "Patton" was a good movie even though George C. Scott didn't look or sound anything like the actual general.


  1. Bob:
    I haven't seen THAT trailer yet, but based on canon (the DEFINITIVE tomes of which I have most all of them...feel free to come by and "consult" them if need be)
    I never knew of any "first mission" on Enterprise before he was made her THIRD (and youngest) captain - Pike preceeding him, and Robert April being the FIRST captain).
    I also have the Vonda McIntyre hard copy of STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE - THE FIRST ADVENTURE, and I never found any reference to Kirk serving on her before his captaincy.
    (you'd be surprised what I know about Trek, Bob)

    But hey, maybe Paramount decided to scrap canon and "make it up as they go along"...
    Anything to "reinvent the wheel".

    I'll wait for the DVD.

    Live Long & Prosper

    B. G.

  2. Since Robert April only appearance was in the the animated series, he isn't part of the official canon. The books and the cartoon show do NOT count towards canon. There are literally hundreds of Star Trek novels, and there isn't a universe that can be consistent with all of them.

  3. ...But there ARE "alternate" universes galore, right, Bob?