Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another couple canon conflicts I noted

It took me a week to realize this, but:
1. Kirk cannot drive a stick-shift. See TOS episode "A Piece of the Action"
2. At about 1 minute 39 seconds in this clip, Kirk says "Buckle up!" Nobody on "Star Trek" ever buckles up. I guess if you're flying around the galaxy faster than the speed of light and you bump into something, a seat belt isn't going to do you a whole lot of good. On the other hand, a seat belt might save you a trip to sick bay after the bridge suffers a direct hit. Perhaps in the future, poor Ralph Nader is looked down upon so harshly that even basic safety features are left out of starships.

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  1. Cute Robert!

    Maybe though with a simple retcon they will say that this accident simply proves that he cant drive a stick he shoved it into reverse and then pulled the ebrake which everyone knows just by pulling the ebrake it will swivel a rear wheel drive in a heart beat and therefore he would have reduced the likely hood of driving off the cliff by 25%.

    You are correct on the seatbelt issue until Wesley though it was unheard of to have a juvenille on the Bridge and then all of a sudden you have entire SF squadrons/fleets (USS VALIANT DS9) made up of high school age cadets. At least they got their education system down right in the 24th Century Earth, putting them through military training at age 16, lol!