Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Memo to the crew

You are all aware of several instances in which senior officers, including myself, were trapped inside the holodeck and placed in mortal danger by holograms run amok. To correct these malfunctions, Mr. LaForge has downloaded the most recent HoloWindows patch. McWalbucksoft Corporation has promised that this latest upgrade will fix the problem. Even though this sort of thing has happened on multiple occasions in the past, I am certain that it will not happen again. So I decided to reopen the holodeck.

On a related note, please clean up the holodeck when you are done with it. I don’t know or care what you do in there, but Mr. LaForge has had to replace several holoemitters when they became sticky. Remember that when the holodeck is turned off, only the holograms disappear. Anything that you put on or inside of your holographic girlfriend, imzadi, moogie, or whatever you call her will still be there and will fall straight to the floor.

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