Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pet Peeve

When I use my 5 disc CD changer, I want to listen to uninterupted music for several hours. I don't want to listen to commercials, and I don't want a couple minutes of silence either. This is why I hate "hidden" songs on CD's.

Remember when you left your CD player on with "Dookie" by Green Day in it? You might having been all by yourself when you heard Tre Cool singing "All By Myself". Completely by accident, you have found the hidden track. You've just stumbled on the biggest secret since Paul McCartney died shortly before impregnating Mama Cass.

It was cool when they did it in 1994. It is not cool after 14 years of different artists and bands doing the same gimmick over and over. CD's are going to have to come up with new tricks in order to compete with MP3's.

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